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TV/Commercial Workout:  According to estimates, each hour of network television includes between 12 and 18 minutes of commercials.  The average American spends almost 35 hours a week watching television.  Let’s take a 15 minute per hour average for commercial time and multiply that by 35 hours.  That’s 525 minutes or 8.75 hours of commercials each week.  Instead of heading to the refrigerator during commercials or fast-forwarding through them on recorded shows, use the time to get in short workouts.  You don’t even have to do it with every break for your body to benefit.  (We could even do exercise time during the show.)  


Suggestions:  Walking/marching in place – move arms & legs


Side slides – step to the side -bring feet together – back the other way

Jumping jacks

Jumping rope

Punches – jabs with arms

Push ups – on floor or against a wall

Squats – standing or in chair (stand up – sit down  - repeat etc.)

Abdominal crunches

Leg raises  - side, front & back, or scissor leg motions

Strength training – using resistance tubing or dumb bells (or even books or cans of soup) do upper body exercises while seated in a chair or standing.

Move exercise equipment in front of TV

Watch exercise shows on TV or utilize exercise DVD’s


Exercising while watching TV is something we all ought to do, if we’re going to turn on the tube.  Being a couch potato is detrimental to our heart health, not just to our physical appearance.


Last Published: November 28, 2018 10:32 PM
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