We will have a daily scripture for you to read and a question(s) for your devotion time.

Thursday December 2 2021  Today's Reading:  Isaiah 40:25-26. Nature is a wonderful expression of God’s power of creation. Let God create in you a wonderful expression of the holy you that He desires. God is good!

Wednesday December 1 2021  Today's Reading:  Luke 19:1-10. We are all like Zacchaeus – maybe not short in stature, but, maybe short sighted in loving our neighbors as Jesus commanded us. Ask God to overcome whatever is keeping you from going all in for Jesus.

Tuesday November 30 2021  Today's Reading:  Revelation 2:12-17. Let God fight and defeat our sinfulness. God’s mercy and grace is more than sufficient for all of us.

Monday November 29 2021 Today's Reading:  2 Corinthians 1:8-11. What circumstances in your life have increased your continued reliance on God? 

Sunday November 28 2021  Today's Reading:  Romans 5:1-5. Perseverance, character and hope. Let us persevere in our lives, let God build our righteous charter and put all of our hope in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Saturday November 27 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 4:3-4. Let’s gobble up the Holy words of scripture with as much gusto as we gobbled up turkey and all the fixings on Thanksgiving.

Friday November 26 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 6:25-34. God provides...what we need…not necessarily what we want…

Thursday November 25 2021  Today's Reading:  Philippians 4:6.  Give thanks.

Wednesday November 24 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 5:14. Let your light shine for all the world to see Christ! 

Tuesday November 23 2021  Today's Reading:  Luke 22:35-38. Do you have the armor of God? It is the spiritual protection that we really need.

Monday November 22 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 12:46-50. Think of your brothers and sisters in Christ and be thankful.

Sunday November 21 2021  Today's Reading:  John 9:1-7. Has Jesus washed your eyes so that you can see the world clearly…through His eyes?

Saturday November 20 2021  Today's Reading:  John 6:25-40. Jesus is the true Bread of Life. How often do you go to Jesus for the Bread that sustains for all of eternity?

Friday November 19 2021  Today's Reading:   John 21:18-23. Sometimes, we worry way too much about the whys of blessings for others. God blessed us all with His Son, Jesus, our Messiah. Praise be to God.

Thursday November 18 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 10:34-39. Have you lost your life…and found it new and reborn in Christ?

Wednesday November 17 2021  Today's Reading:  Read Romans 8:26-27. Even when we do not know what or how to pray, the Holy Spirit knows our hearts and intercedes for us. Praise be to God.

Tuesday November 16 2021  Today's Reading:  1 Samuel 2:1-2. Pray this song of Hannah today.

Monday November 15 2021 Today's Reading:  John 15:1-8. What fruit are you bearing?

Sunday November 14 2021  Today's Reading:  Luke 18:9-14. Have you prayed, lately, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’?

Saturday November 13 2021  Today's Reading:  Psalm 55:16-18. Call to the Lord…He will save you from all of the battles within yourself and in the world.

Friday November 12 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 5:8-13. Have you amazed Jesus with your faith, lately?

Thursday November 11 2021  Today's Reading:  Mathew 5:14-16. This little light of mine…are you letting it shine for Jesus?

Wednesday November 10 2021  Today's Reading:  John 13:1-17. Have you let Jesus wash you mind, body and soul?

Tuesday November 9 2021  Today's Readng:  Matthew 4:23-25. Have you asked Jesus to heal all of your ailments: physical, emotional, financial and spiritual?

Monday November 8 2021  Today's Reading:  Luke 11:14-28. Blessed are those who hear God’s words and follow His will.

Sunday November 7 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 11:16-19. Do you count ‘sinners’ among your friends? Jesus certainly did – he died for all of us sinners.

Saturday November 6 2021  Today's Reading:  John 14:8-11. If you know Jesus, you know his Father. How well do you know Jesus?

Friday November 5 2021  Today's Reading:  Luke 17:11-19. Your faith and acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior has made your soul well for all eternity.

Thursday November 4 2021  Today's Reading:  John 16:16-24. Ask in the holy name of Jesus Christ and you will receive all that is within his Father’s will.

Wednesday November 3 2021  Today's Reading:  Psalm 61. God is our refuge and our strong tower against all evil residing in the world and within us as human beings.

Tuesday November 2 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 11:1-6. Jesus is the One. He is the Messiah. He is Lord and Savior…never doubt it!

Monday November 1 2021  Today's Reading:  John 10:22-30. Do you listen to Jesus’ voice?

Sunday October 31 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 17:1-8. Let’s not try to put Jesus into boxes that we construct. Let Jesus be Jesus.

Saturday October 30 2021  Today's Reading:  Read John 8:31-27. Do you hear Jesus? Do you believe Jesus? Do you belong to God?  

Friday October 29 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 11:25-30. Are you finding rest for your soul in Jesus Christ?

Thursday October 28 2021  Today's Reading:  John 10:22-42. Do you believe?

Wednesday October 27 2021  Today's Reading  John 8:1-11. None of us is without sin. None of us can cast the first (or any other) stone.

Tuesday October 26 2021  Today's Reading:  Psalm 104. Have you praised the Lord today.

Monday October 25 2021  Today's Reading:  1 Corinthian 13:11-12. Have you put away the childish ways of your secular life on your way to becoming an adult Christian?

Sunday October 24 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 8:5-13. Have you heard Jesus ask you: Shall I come heal you?

Saturday October 23 2021  Today's Reading:  John 8:24-29. Jesus always does what God wants Him to do. Ask Jesus to empower you to always do what Jesus has instructed us to do: Love God and love our neighbors.

Friday October 22 2021  Today's Reading:  John 8:48-58. Jesus never lies. He is His Father’s Son. He is our Lord and Savior. Never doubt this for a moment!

Thursday October 21 2021  Today's Reading:  John 16:16-24. When is the last time that you have asked for Jesus’ direction in your life? Ask now, but be willing to follow Him…and…your joy will be complete.

Wednesday October 20 2021  Today's Reading:  Luke 11:33-34. Let the light of Christ shine through you for the whole world to see!

Tuesday October 19 2021  Today's Reading:  Galatians 5:13-16. Always, ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’

Monday October 18 2021  Today's Reading:  2 Corinthians 11:16-33. Whenever you are down about the happenings in your life as a Christian, reread this scripture passage and remember that all of us have ‘crosses’ to bear in life.

Sunday October 17 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 14:22-33. ‘Truly (Jesus) is the Son of God.'

Saturday October 16 2021    Today's Reading:  Acts 8:9-24. May our faith always be genuine!

Friday October 15 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 18:21-35. Lord have mercy on us. Help us to show the same mercy to our neighbors.

Thursday October 14 2021  Today's Reading:  Luke 14:16-24. Our ‘holy’ excuses are unacceptable to Christ. When He calls us, we must answer.

Wednesday October 13 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 7:15-20. By your fruit, you will be recognized!

Tuesday October 12 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 8:23-27. We follow a Savior who can calm every storm in our lives.

Monday October 11 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 22:23-32. He is the God of the living. Let us live in the Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven.

Sunday October 10 2021  Today's Reading  Matthew 13:1-8, 18-23. Let us all strive to be produce a good crop (to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world).

Saturday October 9 2021  Today's Reading:  John 6:26-35. Do you hunger for the Bread of Life?

Friday October 8 2021  Today's Reading:  1 John 5:13-15. Have confidence – God hears you and will answer every one of your prayers. Just be prepared for Him to have an answer that you do not expect.

Thursday October 7 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 7:24-27. Have you built your house on the Rock of Jesus?

Wednesday October 6 2021  Today's Reading:  Romans 4:18-25. Do not let your faith waver. Keep believing in the promises of God to restore and resurrection all of those who believe in His saving grace.

Tuesday October 5 2021  Today's Reading:  Luke 12:22-24. What are you worried about today? Whatever it is, Jesus says ‘do not worry’! He’s got this.

Monday October 4 2021  Today's Reading:  John 5:16-23. Jesus has been given all authority by our heavenly Father. Have you truly given Jesus full authority over your life?

Sunday October 3 2021  Today's Reading:  John 17:6-10. All that Jesus teaches comes from God. What has Jesus taught you recently?

Saturday October 2 2021  Today's Reading:  Psalm 34. Take solace and refuge in the Lord every day.

Friday October 1 2021  Today's Reading:  Psalm 33:1-3. Sing a new song of worship to God today!

Thursday September 30 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 10:32-33. When is the last time that you acknowledged Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior to anyone…especially an unchurched person?

Wednesday September 29 2021  Today's Reading:  Luke 18:9-14. Do you pray like the tax collector?

Tuesday September 28 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 21:23-37. By whose authority do you think that Jesus does all that he does in your life?

Monday September 27 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 27-30. Jesus can heal us even we are blind to his truth and the path that he has set before us to follow in this life.

Sunday September 26 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 10:17-27. Jesus loved the rich man even though he knew that the man would not obey him totally. Jesus loves everyone of us even when we don’t totally live as he wants us to live

Saturday September 25 2021  Today's Reading:  John 8:3-47. Listen with an open heart so that you will hear what God says…not what the world says about God.

Friday September 24 2021  Today's Reading:  John 16:12-15. Ask God to teach you through His Holy Spirit

Thursday September 23 2021  Today's Reading:  Hebrews 6:13-20. God’s promises are firm. He has promised to save us from our sins through Jesus Christ if we only genuinely accept this promise. That is His promise to all humanity.

Wednesday September 22 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 15:1-10. Remember to honor your parents and the memories of your parents for all your lives.

Tuesday September 21 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 23:13-33. Do not let religious showiness be a stumbling block on your path with Jesus.

Monday September 20 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 10:34-39. Do not be afraid to love Jesus above everything. He loves you so much that He went to the cross for you!

Sunday September 19 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 11:25-30. The yoke of following Jesus is easy and the burden is light…if you let Jesus take the lead in your life.

Saturday September 18 2021  Today's Reading:  John 15:9-17. Did you know that you are Jesus’s friend…if you follow His commands to love one another?

Friday September 17 2021  Today's Reading:  John 10:15-29. We are His sheep. Jesus wants all people to be in His flock. How are you bringing your neighbors to the Good Shepherd (Jesus the Christ)?

Thursday  September 16 2021  Today's Reading: John 15:26-27. How are you testifying to the love of Jesus to your neighbors?

Wednesday September 15 2021 Today's Reading:  John 14:1-4. Jesus wants us to not let our hearts be troubled by the happenings in the world. How are you showing your neighbors the hope of Christ?

Tuesday September 14 2021  Today's Reading:  John 8:1-11. Have you ever thrown the first stone? How can you be more grace filled with your neighbors?

Monday September 13  Today's Reading:  Acts 17:16-34. As Christians, we worship the God that is unknown to the world. How can you make our Heavenly Father known to your neighbors?

Sunday September 12 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 23:15-17. You are truly blessed to have seen Jesus in your life. How can you bring Jesus to your neighbors?

Saturday September 11 2021  Today's Reading:  John 16. Take heart! Jesus has, is and will continue to overcome the things of this world.

Friday September 10 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 20:1-16. It does not matter when in your life you have come to know Christ. God’s mercy and grace is sufficient at all times and for all people.

Thursday September 9 2021  Today's Reading:  Romans 11:11-24. Praise be to God that He has ingrafted us Gentiles into His chosen people!

Wednesday September 8 2021  Today's Reading:  Psalm 103:1-5. Have you given praise to the Lord today?

Tuesday September 7 2021  Today's Reading:  John 3:1-21. Have you been born again? As a newborn child with fresh eyes and a fresh spirit to see the world as Christ sees it?

Monday September 6 2021  Today's Reading:  John 20:24-29. Folks in the secular world do not believe because they have not seen Christ. Will you be the light of Christ for them so that they see Jesus in you?

Sunday September 5 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 9:35-38. You have been chosen by God to be one of the workers. What are you doing for the Kingdom?

Saturday September 4 2021  Today's Reading:  John 9:1-15. No matter how long or what condition we may be, Jesus can still save us, heal us and transform our lives.

Friday September 3 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 14:22-36. Are you ready to jump out of the safety and comfort of your life and into the deep end of the mission field with Jesus?

Thursday September 2 2021  Today's Reading:  Mathew 21:42-46. When reading the Bible, we should feel like Jesus is talking directly to us.

Wednesday September 1 2021  Today's Reading:  Matthew 7:1-2. We should not divide the ‘worthy’ from the ‘unworthy’…lest we find ourselves judged accordingly.




Last Published: December 1, 2021 5:09 PM
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