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Out of mouths of babes......(download clip) This young man tells why "this is the best trip ever!" Priceless!!

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The Power of One!

Children are chosen by their teachers who are considered at risk to not succeed due to an unstable home environment or other circumstance outside the control of the child.  By sharing your encouragement, love and friendship with this child, you become a stabilizing influence and affirm their worth and value as one of God’s precious children.As a Lowell Kindergarten Mentor representing Good Shepherd to Lowell, the child, and our community, you commit to give one hour a week to the same two children throughout the school year!  Thirty minutes per child is all that is asked.  Now multiply the power of one by two!  No extra gas or effort needed!  You are able to develop a strong relationship with two children and act as a cheerleader and encourager!  The child’s teacher does all the work giving you preset activities to do like, reading fun books, practicing ABC’s or simple math games.  No special training or experience is needed by you, the mentor.  The children are so pleased to have the rapt attention of their special adult mentor that the teachers even use your time together as incentive or reward for the child.  That’s how important your weekly visits become to this special child.       It is easy to say no without really thinking about it.  We get so many pleas for funds and help.  But, take a close look at the statistics of a child who falls behind in kindergarten or first grade.  There is only a 1 in 8 chance that the child will ever catch up with their classmates.  But with the power of one, these statistics will be changed!       You can change a child’s life with the power of one!  One mentor, one hour, one church, one school, all multiply to change a child’s life and a community forever!  Don’t underestimate the power of one!!

I warn you that you may be astounded by the love and devotion that the children shower on you and the deep gratitude of the teachers who want every child to succeed.  It is a win-win commitment for all!  If you ever wanted to be a rock star, now you get a taste of an adoring audience, all in the name of Christ!

Sign up today for the Lowell Kindergarten Mentoring program in the lobby or call Debbie Specht at 317-439-4055 for more information. 


Congregational Care Volunteers Needed

         Are you an encourager?  Did you know that one of our spiritual gifts is that of encouragement?  The person with this gift has the ability to find those in need and lift up their spirits.  They're kind of like the cheerleaders in the church, encouraging people to overcome difficult times.  Congregational Care needs volunteers to offer encouragement to those going through a tough time.

Congregational Care is providing a list of individuals in the congregation that could use a phone call, a card or a visit through the month.  If you would be willing to help in one of these ways, please contact Debbie Specht at 317-787-5949 or Mary Smallwood at 317-519-1047 to see how you can help.  Helpers could mail cards once a month or make phone calls to those who are shut in.  A friendly visit is always welcomed, when you have been out of touch with your church friends.  

Volunteers can determine what they are comfortable doing and work within their own schedule.  The Congregational Care committee would like to ask volunteers to complete a short questionnaire about their contact.  This half sheet form is available in the Sparkler mailbox by the church office.  Filling this form out and leaving it in the Sparkler box will insure that every one on our list has a church contact throughout the month.

Please pray about this ministry and step out in faith to encourage others!



We have an opening in the kindergarten and first grade class.  This is a team teaching position.  The need is for someone to teach every other month.  Lesson plans are provided.  However, you are welcome to do your own lesson if you prefer.  If you are interested in serving God in this rewarding way, please contact Pam Lewis at 317-908-5131 or email coltsfanpam@gmail.com


      Little Lambs Adds New Teachers

       We have welcomed two new teachers, Ms. Sami and Ms. Emilie, who will be caring for the one and two year old children.  Our enrollment has grown to 32, plus there will be an additional 3 that will start by November. 

      Our daily Preschool program at Little Lambs is underway within each classroom and Bible lessons are included on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

September is the month we sadly say goodbye to summer's outside water play days, while we welcome in the fall season of mother nature's colorful scenery in God's world.

Little Lambs staff would like to thank Good Shepherd for the acknowledgement on Teacher Recognition Sunday and for the breakfast and gifts are much appreciated.



        Our Little Lambs have been enjoying summer themes and all the exciting activities we have planned for them.  Every day is filled with a new plan of action to keep kids busy.  Fun Fridays are the most fun days during summer - afternoon water play, picnic sack lunches and other themed activities are enjoyed. 

         Summer brings so many changes, enrolling new infants and children and getting to know the new families, missing those who have left and waiting for the July return of those who are staying home with parents.  As we approach mid-summer, we become saddened knowing this will be the last days spent with those who will be going off to kindergarten, yet we are excited for them as they anticipate their new adventures.

The last week of July is our busiest time.  Vacationed workers are rested and prepared for the coming, going and moving of children to new classrooms.  They will be with a new teacher to begin the first week of preschool lessons! 

Parents . . .  We love your little ones and want to take this time to thank you for entrusting them into our care while you are away each day.  Teaching ABC’s, numbers, shapes, patterns, colors, and manners in our preschool setting is minimal compared to the life-long knowledge they will carry through learning about our loving Savior, Jesus, hearing bible stories, singing Christian songs and praying to Him for others.  Through this experience they will develop respect, friendships, patience, caring and love. 

We thank you again for the opportunity to love and care for your little ones and look forward to many more years of nurturing.

Little Lambs Staff (Kathy, Wendee, Martha, Barb, Belinda, Andrea, Michelle and Sue)




      The American Heart Association wants everyone to know the lifesaving skill of Hands-Only-CPR.

      Learn the 2 simple steps:  1) Call 911   2) Push hard and fast in the center of the chest.

      To learn, watch the 90 second Hands Only CPR video at heart.org/handsonlycpr

      One of these video segments will be shown at the beginning of the service on June 11th and there will be a mannequin in the lobby so that people can practice.. 


2016 GSUMC Mac N Cheese Church Fletcher Place small ver no click for more info

         Good Shepherd has an exciting mission partnership with Fletcher Place Community Center.  Good Shepherd has committed to providing 150 boxes of Mac ‘n Cheese for Fletcher Place Community Center’s food pantry.  At first that may seem like a lot of Mac ‘n Cheese (1,800 boxes per year), but if you think about the fact that we have on average at least 160 people in worship service each Sunday, that is only 1 box per month per person.

There is a specially marked tote for the Mac ’n Cheese in the lobby.  So start watching for weekly sales at your favorite grocery store.  There will be regular reminders and if Sunday school classes or Bible study groups would like to take an entire month, that would be great.  If you have any questions, please see Dick Nye.

Good Shepherd will also continue to be the Flag Ship Church for Fletcher Place and the Mission Kids will be doing their usual outstanding job of shopping.  What a blessing to be able to share the love of Christ with people right here in our own community!  Thank you in advance for your faithfulness.

Fletcher Place

Fletcher Place Community Center


Top on the list of needs:

       Jelly       Oatmeal

       Fresh Potatoes, Fruits and Vegetables

Canned Items

       Meats    Vegetables

Fruits Beans

Cream Soups:

Box or Bag Items

Potatoes (all types)

Beans (all varieties)


Pasta (all varieties of pasta)

Tuna, Hamburger or Chicken Helper

Breakfast Items: cereals (hot or cold), oatmeal, pancake mix, syrup, etc….

Desert Items: pudding, jell-o, cake mixes, cookies

Miscellaneous Items: fruit juices, corn bread and muffin mixes, pizza mixes, crackers

Personal Items

Toilet tissue, bath soap, razors, shaving cream, tooth paste, tooth brushes, deodorant, shampoo, dish soap, etc.

Please leave items in the box that is marked “Fletcher Place” on the floor by the water cooler.

Our "Fletcher Place Shoppers" (children's Sunday School class) will be collecting on Feb. 19th and 26th and are going shopping on Feb. 26th for Fletcher Place with your donations.


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